Can a Dash Cam Record While Parked?

Yes, a dash cam can record while parked, but there are a few prerequisites. First, the dash cam needs to be capable of parking mode and you must have it enabled. Second, your dash cam needs a source of power when your car is parked.  Third, it will need something to trigger it to go [...]

Does Static Film Work For Dash Cams?

One of the most frustrating things about dash cams is trying to remove one from your car. For example, I have a Viofo A120 Pro Duo 4k which comes with a GPS base. The GPS base comes with a strong adhesive pad that sticks to the windshield. It’s extremely hard to pull the GPS base [...]

LiFePO4 Aux Battery Car Install – With Pictures!

When COVID-19 hit, my work scheduled changed from driving to work every day to working every other week from home. I quickly realized that my dash cam’s parking mode coverage would only last about 16 hours before the hardwire kit would cut power from the starter battery due to it hitting the cutoff voltage. I [...]

Learn How to Get Footage Off a Dash Cam – Four Ways

Having a dash cam is great, but it doesn’t do you any good to have footage just sitting on your dash cam. If you don’t know how to get footage off a dash cam, then you’ll know after reading this. In this article you’ll learn how to get your dash cam footage by removing your [...]

Can a Dash Cam Drain Your Battery at Night? – Yes, Under Certain Conditions

If you’re thinking about buying a dash cam and wondering “Can a dash cam drain your battery at night?”, then you’ve come to the right place. Yes, a dash cam can drain your vehicle’s battery, but only under certain circumstances. In this article, I’ll discuss the specific scenario in which a dash cam can drain [...]

TEMCo TH0006 Hydraulic Wire Crimping Tool Review

It may seem strange to have a hydraulic crimping tool review on a website dedicated for dash cams, I found myself in need of one when I was installing a secondary battery, also called a house battery in some circles, to: Power my dash cam in parking mode for a week at a time without [...]

Difference Between a MDVR and Dash Cam? – MDVR = Dash Cam on Steroids

  If you look into dash cams long enough, eventually you come across the term MDVR which stands for Mobile Digital Video Recorder. Basically, an MDVR is a DVR designed to be installed into vehicles. Now that you know what a MDVR is, the next question to answer is: What is the difference between a [...]

What Is a Dash Cam? – A Great Way To Protect Yourself

You’ve probably heard the word dash cam and wondered: “What is a dash cam?” The simplest answer I can give you is it’s a specialized camera designed to mount on your windshield and record the events that happen while you’re driving. What Makes a Dash Camera Different From Other Cameras? Dash cams are designed to [...]

How to Mount a Dash Cam – Easier Than You Think

Mounting a dash cam in the grand scheme of things is very simple. You just decide where you want to place the dash cam, peel the backing off the adhesive, stick it to the windshield and you’re done. See I told you it was easy! Just kidding, of course there are other things to know [...]