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Welcome to ThomasDash.com! I’m excited that you’re here and I’m ready to share with you everything I currently know and continue to learn about dash cams.

Too Many Close Calls

Over the years I’ve had my fair share of close calls. In one state I moved to I was having a really close once every four months for a year. More specifically, people would change into my lane and try to occupy with their car the same physical space my car was already occupying.

In other words, they were changing lanes without looking. It’s not that I was in their blind spot. Nope, I was right next to them and I could clearly see them in their driver’s seat by looking out my passenger window. They were just inattentive drivers.

I do strongly suspect that one driver was intentionally trying to crash into me for insurance fraud purposes. This particular driver tried sideswipe me and then proceeded to brake check me several times after I dodged their sideswipe attempt.

You would think those incidents would motivate me to get a dash cam, but they did not. I wasn’t scared into purchasing a dash cam until years later when I started watching dash cam videos online.

The thought of a random wreck didn’t scare me because I’m an alert driver who drives defensively. The videos that scared me the most were ones where the driver of the car did nothing wrong, but was still involved in an accident.

I’m talking about the videos where the car in front reverses into the car behind it. Subsequently, the driver who reversed into the other vehicle could claim they were rear-ended because the police and insurance companies would never believe that a driver would deliberately reverse into the car behind them.

Without a dash cam these incidents would devolve into he said/she said type of affairs and oftentimes the owner of the dash cam car reported that the driver at fault would lie to police. In the interest of self-preservation I decided to purchase a dash cam to provide an immutable record of what happened in the event I’m involved in an accident. As a bonus, I get to post online the interesting things I catch on my dash cam.

Spreading the Word About Dash Cams

I liked dash cams so much I decided to start this website to spread the word about dash cams. There’s nothing worse than being falsely accused of an accident that you did not cause. The only thing worse than bad drivers are bad drivers who lie about the accidents they cause in order to shift the blame onto you and save their insurance premiums in the process.

I want to help you defend yourself against these lowlifes by showing you the benefits of dash cams and motivating you to buy a dash cam for yourself.

My End Goal

Ultimately, if I save you the hassle, loss of time, and loss of money by being unfairly assigned fault for accident you didn’t cause by investing in a dash cam, then I have accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish with this site.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

See you on the roads,



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